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My adventure with teaching commenced in year 2008 when I started to work as a teacher in Polish.  There I acquired skills which were fundamental for my development in the teaching profession.

I was teaching Polish language to students of Polish descend in Sweden when I started my teaching career.  Soon after in autumn 2008 I began teaching Swedish as a foreign language to Secondary school students in Språkcentrum Gothenburg.

Being a teacher means to teach, but also to learn new things.  My knowledge of Swedish has deepened thanks to teaching.

In addition to working stationary on school premises, I also led a preparatory remote course for nurses in Poland where they were taught Swedish with a specialization in medicine. In addition to regular course books for the general language, literature in the medical field was used extensively.


In 2015 I received my Teacher certification from the Swedish National Agency for Education which made me a certified teacher.

My Teacher certification encompasses Polish for students of Polish descent in Sweden as well as Polish as a foreign language, Swedish and Swedish as a foreign language.  I also have the competence to teach Religion.

I had the opportunity to work with students with insufficient English knowledge during my work as a teacher for Swedish for immigrants (SFI). I had the opportunity to work with students who had an academic background from their home country as well as students who were illiterate.

These students were taught in A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels of Swedish according to the CEFR standard for language proficiency. Currently I work as a teacher who teaches Swedish as a foreign language at in Gothenburg lecturing  medical staff from abroad where I personally lead courses for physicians and nurses.

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