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We are conducting group Swedish language courses online on all proficiency levels.  A1-C2. The groups on the course have a maximum of 8 participants with different intensity depending on their needs.  We use the Zoom platform during the lesson which gives us a fantastic opportunity for group work through the breakout room where students can polish their language skills through interaction with other course participants in accordance with Lev Vygotski's learning method. We specialize mainly in Medical Swedish, but we do have language courses that do not specialize in Medical Swedish which are aimed for economists, lawyers and other professional groups. We are also aimed at anyone who wants to improve their language skills.

We conduct full time courses on all proficiency levels in our school in Gothenburg.  We can help you find accommodation during the course period if you are interested in the full-time course.

The requirement to be admitted to the language course for non-EU students is a presentation of documented English knowledge which corresponds to at least B2 level in language proficiency. We also require you to have documented 3 years of study at University level.  We help medical staff from countries outside the EU with matters concerning the Swedish Migration Board and the National Board of Health and Welfare, including certification of foreign university diplomas and professional qualifications. 

The course offer includes courses in how to write a CV and a personal letter in Swedish as well as how to be prepared for job interviews. 

We are also conducting courses both online and stationary in the Polish language both as a mother tongue and as a foreign language. Our teachers can offer language courses in English, Russian and Urdu at all proficiency levels. The courses are held both online and in our school. There is a possibility to have individual courses.  

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Perfect for medical services

Most students in our school are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and medical students from different countries.

Very fast effects

Our students build their first sentences already after a few weeks of study and are able to communicate in a simple way

Listen, see & speak

We work a lot with visualizations during our lessons. Almost all our lessons include presentations which include many pictures, movies, props and other visual means.


We are fascinated by Lev Vygotski’s method, which is based on interaction within the group. People learn more through social interaction than just from the teacher, would you agree?


Our Courses
Adjust it to yourself
Different levels

From A1 to C2.

Small groups

Max 8 people.

Choose your style

Online or on place.

Our reviews
What people say

My journey with learning Swedish began 1,5 years ago with a trip to Stockholm but my breakthrough moment was the beginning of my course with Ewa 9 months ago. What I like the most about our classes is the fact that we’re not using any other language than Swedish itself. It’s only possible because of Ewa’s experience, patience and ability to explain everything in a very simple way, often using visuals or props. Moreover, the lessons are fun and interesting, often involving information about how real life in Sweden looks like also referring to very practical information about how to get medical care or take care of official matters. After 9 months of studying with EK Academi I can communicate easily using Swedish and hopefully my skills will get even better in the future. I recommend courses at EK Academi to anyone who wants to learn Swedish fast and effectively with en emphasis on communication skills.


Am one of your products and can testify to the fact that you are an outstanding teacher who applies all methodologies requires for a student to Aquire a skill. You also use the used all the teaching/learning materials needed to enhance our learning skills. We can’t thank you enough Ewa!

Abdul Salam

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