Why do we teach foreign languages? 

One of the most commonly stated reasons for learning a foreign language is to move abroad to study or work. Knowledge of local language is key for your own safety and your professional career development.  Learning a new language is not only about the grammar or learning words by heart.  It is equally important to get to know the traditions and culture of the country and the functioning of its most important institutions such as the Labor Office, the Tax Office, the Migration Office, or the Insurance Agency. It is important to get familiar with the education system of the country we are living in and the application procedures for enrolling children to kindergarten or school. It is also important to get familiar with the health care system of the country and know where to seek help in case of an accident or illness. We also focus on the most basic information on how to buy a bus ticket, how to do your groceries, pay a phone bill or exchange currency.

Each country has its own unwritten rules that may seem strange to us at first, or in some cases unacceptable, if we are not properly prepared for them before departure.

Are you looking for Swedish language courses that involve not only typing the correct verb forms into the gaps or studying from a boring textbook? EK Akademi is a language school that not only puts emphasis on the language aspect but prepares you for daily functioning in Sweden to make sure that everyday life situations that differ from the norm of the country you come from will not be surprising.  

Most students in our school are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and medical students from different countries. Our courses are entirely in Swedish from the start of the course. It is a distinguishing way of teaching foreign languages ​​in Sweden that yields results already after 2-3 months of study. Our students build their first sentences already after a few weeks of study and are able to communicate in a simple way. Since the lessons take place in the target language, the students quickly learn the context of the statement so that they do not have to translate every word in the sentence. We work a lot with visualizations during our lessons. Almost all our lessons include presentations which include many pictures, movies, props and other visual means. Teachers will focus on the use of synonyms when translating incomprehensible words. We are fascinated by Lev Vygotski’s pedagogical method, which is based on interaction within the group. Lev Vygotski believed that people want to learn more through social interaction and to draw knowledge from the surrounding reality and not just from the teacher who is leading the lessons or from textbooks.


Native speakers

Learn swedish from Native speakers


Different senses

Different senses (hear, see, speak)


Fast effects

Special way of teaching (fast effects)


Lev Vygotski method

 Interaction instead of just listening

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Our courses

We are conducting group Swedish language courses online on all proficiency levels.  A1-C2. The groups on the course have a maximum of 8 participants with different intensity depending on their needs.  We use the Zoom platform during the lesson which gives us a fantastic opportunity for group work through the breakout room where students can polish their language skills through interaction with other course participants in accordance with Lev Vygotski's learning method. We specialize mainly in Medical Swedish, but we do have language courses that do not specialize in Medical Swedish which are aimed for economists, lawyers and other professional groups. We are also aimed at anyone who wants to improve their language skills.

We conduct full time courses on all proficiency levels in our school in Gothenburg.  We can help you find accommodation during the course period if you are interested in the full-time course.

The requirement to be admitted to the language course for non-EU students is a presentation of documented English knowledge which corresponds to at least B2 level in language proficiency. We also require you to have documented 3 years of study at University level.  We help medical staff from countries outside the EU with matters concerning the Swedish Migration Board and the National Board of Health and Welfare, including certification of foreign university diplomas and professional qualifications. 

The course offer includes courses in how to write a CV and a personal letter in Swedish as well as how to be prepared for job interviews. 

We are also conducting courses both online and stationary in the Polish language both as a mother tongue and as a foreign language. Our teachers can offer language courses in English, Russian and Urdu at all proficiency levels. The courses are held both online and in our school. There is a possibility to have individual courses.  

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